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Born in 1963 of a Greek father and a Swedish mother, Sophie Yanacopoulos-Gross is a globe-trotting cosmopolitan and linguist, fluent in Portugese, Swedish, Italian, German, English and French.

As an interior designer with a diploma from the Geneva School of Decorative Arts, she learned to practise her craft at Tagliabue, a Genevan institution. After which, she managed the shop Espace Architectural, and then worked with Jean-Pierre Goumaz, an important figure in the Lausanne design world. During these years she gathered experience, confirmed her calling and developed her sure taste and perspicacity which have stood the test of time. She prefers things plain to glitz and dazzle, the natural to the artificial.

When she returned to Geneva in 1995, she married Paul Gross, an English designer working for the furniture firm SCP. Together they pooled their talents and launched the concept store “atmosphere“ and its subsidiary “atmosphere-cuisine“. Both premises, to which they added a design office, offered a selection of home and kitchen furniture and accessories. For ten years, from 1996 to 2005, she was their artistic director, busy on all fronts and sparing no effort to bring the “atmosphere style“ to Calvinist Geneva.

It was then that Sophie felt the need to embark on a new venture. With Paul she worked for five years to complete their new house and showroom, a symbol of their know-how and lifestyle. She says she likes to “create consistency between objects so that everyone can enhance their home and quality of life ecologically, economically, aesthetically or philosophically“.
« atmosphere at home » was born !

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